Young Graduate Program at Business & Decision


Young Graduate Program at Business & Decision

Kick start your career

Young Graduate Business Decision

Do you have the ambition to grow your career and to be challenged? Will you be graduating soon, or do you have some professional experience?
Then kick start your career and join Business & Decision Graduate Program!

Business & Decision Graduate Program offers you nice challenges and full of possibilities to extend your knowledge and skills in your field of expertise. In this program you will develop yourself both at the client side, where you will learn how to understand the client’s business problems, be coached by a senior colleague and participate to some of our various bootcamps sessions in the field of Data & Digital.

For Who

If you are recently graduated or have already a professional experience you can definitely apply to be part of Business & Decision Young Graduate Program.

  • For technical background. You have a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in computer science, Engineering, Electronics and IT.
  • For business background. You have a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in the field of IT, Marketing, Business Engineering, Sales, Economic Management,

Innovate with us

Data is everywhere and is at the heart of business transformation and Business & Decision has been active in the data business for 27 years now helping larger companies. By working at Business & Decision you chose to play a part in the digital revolution where you will be part of a multi-disciplinary team of consultants with different profiles and become a Business & Decision representative at the client side.

If you want to be yourself and develop your skills like nowhere else, Business & Decision is the place to start! 


Guillaume Polet

Guillaume Polet 
Data Science Consultant

Grow your career faster

Do you have a passion for technology or predilection for data and digital? Whether you have a technical or business background, we are committed to investing in continuous learning to help you develop your skills and quickly grow thanks to trainings, hands-on experiences and coaching from senior managers.

By starting your career with us, you open yourself to a very promising career outlook and develop an extremely valuable CV with your experiences at client side and trainings.

Meet Lionel, Data Analysis & Visualisation Consultant at Business & Decision

Join a Dynamic environment

Business & Decision is recognized for having a human centric company culture whose values are Respect, Excellence and Humility. We leave room for individual initiative, creativity, and an entrepreneurial spirit where everyone contributes their added value to an agile, diversified, adaptable and performant company.

In addition, we have a dynamic company culture where consultants like to meet to help each other and to participate in informal events. This is why, for us, the word FUN must be included in our key values.