Why us?

Why us?

Why Business & Decision joining forces with Orange Business Services is in your advantage

The purchase of Business & Decision by Orange Business Services shouldn’t surprise anyone. In fact, it was the logical next step in the rich history of both of these European-based companies. Ada Sekirin, Business & Decision Europe’s CEO, explains how Business & Decision and Orange Business Services share a common future, and why customers and employees alike should be delighted about the union of these companies.

Always a step ahead

Business & Decision has been active in the data business for 27 years now, helping larger companies to manage and leverage their data from day one. Since the very beginning, the company has focused specifically on data, including the digitization wave the moment it gained enough momentum. As Business & Decision employees evolved into genuine experts, they have increasingly demonstrated their ability to anticipate future market moves.

“For us, data is our core business, it’s in our DNA,” says Business & Decision’s CEO Ada Sekirin. “Other companies have tended to be one step behind, and moved into the data business only recently, because it’s trendy. They’ll probably move along whenever the next big hype presents itself.”

Whenever data moved to the next step, Business & Decision kept pace. “We were ahead of any competitors,” Ada continues. “Our ability to predict the direction the market would take allowed us to prepare our clients for any major developments.”

IoT, the next step

“The second wave will come with the IoT,” Ada Sekirin continues.

The next step will feature real-time data, predicting and defining the future (e.g. Self-driving cars, IoT).

“Connected objects will not only influence the way companies interact with consumers, they will alter operations in themselves,” says Ada Sekirin. “Logistics, manufacturing, science, health, public affairs … all of these areas will evolve and become increasingly automated, based on IoT-generated data and analytics, among others.”

Business & Decision is already moving in this direction. Digital channels have been integrated with data, because those are the channels that offer the means to interact with the real world and to influence reality.

 Three key evolutions in data

As the field of data management evolves, Business & Decision has identified three key turning points, along with the implications for customers:

    1.  Analysis of previously collected data to explain the past, helping to take decisions for the future.
    2. Prediction of the future based on data from the past.
    3. Capturing real-time data to influence the present, without human interaction. (e.g. Amazon will propose products based on your search history and activity.)

At every step of the way, Business & Decision has helped its clients leverage the data they collect to increase ROI.

“Digital transformation has been going on for a while now,” says Ada Sekirin. “But in the past, it focused on the end consumer. Consumer behavior changed due to the internet and mobile phones. Part of our business is still dedicated to further assimilating this major change, but this was only the first wave.”

Expanded scope & Expertise

By being a European digital player, Orange Business Services sets itself apart from the mainly USA-based competition. Consequently, unlike their competitors, they are strongly aligned with the European view on data products. Excelling in compliance and security, and addressing international companies, Orange Business Services is one of the few digital companies in Europe able to deploy a solution or infrastructure across multiple countries.

Profiling itself as the digital partner of large European companies, Orange Business Services aims to simplify the process of digital transformation. Looking to improve its services when it comes to guiding customers on the data journey, Orange Business Services found the perfect complementary partner in Business & Decision. That is why they decided to purchase and incorporate Business & Decision into the Orange Business Services activities.

“Business & Decision is the drop of vinegar that will make the mayonnaise ‘take’,” says Ada Sekirin. “Our capacity to address technical questions and also support these with business advice makes the difference for our customers. Up until now, Orange Business Services typically addressed customers from the IT infrastructure angle. We can help them move up the ladder and start projects from a business point of view.”

Asked why customers should stick with Business & Decision within Orange Business Services in the coming 10 years, Ada Sekirin is clear: “Our customers can count on us to assist them in taking better decisions and reinventing themselves based on connected data, analytics and business insights. Our past successes demonstrate that we can see opportunities and act on them.”

Customers benefit from European-focused approach

The biggest benefit Business & Decision customers will experience from the merger? As Orange Business Services already operates on an international level Business & Decision will gain access to a vast database, and be able to adopt a more international way of working. “We will enrich our client portfolio, which already consists of large companies, extending our scope to other European markets through Orange Business Services. Consequently, we’ll be able to offer our existing customers an even broader business view, and a firmly European-rooted approach,” explains Ada Sekirin.

Working @ Business & Decision = Playing a part in the digital revolution

The merging of Business & Decision with Orange Business Services will also make a major difference when it comes to job security in Europe. The digital revolution is happening right now, and today’s digital professionals are riding the wave.

Digitally-skilled profiles are in very high demand. The European market is facing a lack of data engineers, data scientists, devops, etc. Hiring a lot of junior profiles, Business & Decision is taking up an important role as educator, simply creating these profiles itself. “As we’re very open to diversity, we feel like we’re playing an important role for society as a whole,” says Ada Sekirin.

A passion for technology, with a predilection for data and digital is, of course, the basis to thrive as a Business & Decision employee. Your skills don’t need to be of a purely technical kind, a lot of importance is placed on specific soft skills, particularly creativity, entrepreneurship, and initiative.

“As we’re creating especially valuable additions to the labor market, it goes without saying that our employees are strongly coveted by other companies,” says Ada Sekirin. “To avoid losing precious human resources to other companies, we reinvented ourselves, our company culture in particular.”

Horizontal, agile structure

The new company culture is based on a very horizontal, agile structure. It’s built on four pillars:

  • Human-centric
  • Collaboration
  • Agility
  • Innovation

“This kind of innovation is only possible if every single person is given the chance to take initiatives and feels appreciated for doing so,
” underlines Ada Sekirin. “Also, we believe that all initiatives should be collaborative.”

Leadership is defined by three sub-pillars of the human-centric value:

  • Respect
  • Humility
  • Excellence

This changes the way Business & Decision leaders perceive themselves with regard to their team members. They’re expected to put themselves at their service, and to lead by example.

“To evolve as a manager within Business & Decision, you need accountability and a human-centric mindset,” confirms Ada Sekirin. “Our employees are not numbers, and we insist on human-to-human interactions. This change of mentality, transforming the usual management style into a working spirit that is better aligned with current times and generations, is extremely important for us.”

Employees enjoy promising career perspectives

Employees starting with Business & Decision have a very promising career outlook:

  • Their mission to contribute to the digital revolution is very interesting to begin with.
  • They have the possibility to ascend the career ladder at high speed.
  • They’re developing an extremely valuable CV.

On top of this, the merger with Orange Business Services opens up international career opportunities.