Words from management

Words from management

Ada Sekirin – Regional Director and Managing Director Business & Decision Benelux

What is B&D’s biggest challenge for the future?

Well, digital transformation has been going on for a while now but in the past, it focused on the end consumer. Consumer behavior changed due to the internet and mobile phones, but this was only the first wave. The second wave will come with the IoT. Connected objects will not only influence the way companies interact with consumers, they will alter operations in themselves. B&D is already moving in this direction and will need to keep the current pace.

Ada Sekirin – Regional Director and Managing Director Business & Decision Benelux

You recently went through a change in the strategic model, can you elaborate this choice?

Despite continuous growth, over the last 10 years and very powerful assets in Data & Digital, we truly believed that breaking the silos between the Business Lines and facilitating the combinations of our solutions would deliver additional value to our customers and would significantly improve our footprint. Focus was another key characteristic of the new model that we were striving to deploy, with the ambition to excel in our core activities: resource management, delivery management & solution drafting.

We recently adopted the Spotify model, highly collaborative, agile & innovative by design. Our new organization aimed at putting offering in data & digital, at the heart of our company and at capitalizing on our successes, while delivering excellence and continuously growing the expertise of our consultants.

Our modern organisation is composed of Tribes, Chapters, Factions and Guilds.

Tribes are addressing solutions drafting and go to market definition, in close collaboration with the Sales & Marketing teams. Chapters and Factions are focusing on individual career plan creation and expertise increase. Guilds are communities that animate and train their members in the tools of the trade, and strive for achieving the best-practices and frameworks to be used in the field.

The model has delivered very quick results, with solutions deals exceeding expertise selling. In addition, multi-million euros projects have been contracted, combining various offerings, demonstrating the efficiency & collaborative facet of our organization.

Christophe Bonnart – Country Manager Belgium


B&D is continually growing, as is its client base. How do you foresee to keep up with requests while maintaining high client satisfaction?

Simply said, by striving for excellence in delivery management, resources management and people management.

With the fast growth of the past years, we ended up with some processes and work habits that were no longer fitting with our objective for delivery excellence.

We seized the opportunity of the company reorganization to assess our overall operational performance and after a buffer period of change management, we were able to improve our internal performance and our client’s satisfaction with an even better match of resources and capabilities to meet their expectations and ambitions.

This journey is not a one-off though. So, if you ask me what comes next, my answer remains to further strive for excellence. We aim for it with humility as we know we can always improve ourselves in all areas.

Jos Blommaert – Production Director

As the market changes, so will the needs of your clients. What future needs do you expect, how will you address them?

CIO’s will be playing a bigger role in the business strategy

Digital strategies require data to underpin business decisions while digital businesses analyze data that their customers generate to feed into digital strategy. The continued survival of our customers’ business depends upon an agile, data centric-architecture that is able to respond to the constant rate of change.

B&D has the expertise and value propositions to help our customers define their digital strategies, transform their organization and to deliver solutions that contribute to our customer’s strategic goals and challenges.

Carlo Schots – Sales Director

B&D’s expertise is highly influenced by having the top in their respective fields as consultants. How do you acquire them?

Candidates have lots of opportunities today and top candidates even more. To attract them it is important to make the difference, to offer something more than only a job. People today want to work on interesting projects but also want to play a role in the organization. At Business & Decision we try to answer those needs from the candidates by offering them some space to initiate some new things, to be an active member of the company. Next to that, our human-centric HR strategy plays for sure an active role in attracting top candidates.

 Emilie Rosseeuw – Talent Acquisition Manager

What are B&D’s efforts to retain expert consultants in this competitive market?

The key word is ‘Differentiation’. We look for differentiation in all aspects of Human Resources, this means in every step of the employee cycle from sourcing over hiring, onboarding, career management, rewarding and beyond. This translates in initiatives such as Top Employer, focus on candidate journey, high attention to follow up of consultants, differentiation in reward package and so on.

Steven op ’t Roodt – HR Director

You are placed right in between of major players in business consulting and system integrators. How do you distinguish yourself?

With Business & Decision, our focus is to deliver end-to-end projects. This means our customers look at us for all aspects of the cycle. We support them for management consulting, business consulting, technical architectural, implementation services, development and service center, and this virtually on any data or digital transformation project. And now being part of Orange Business Services, we complete Orange’s vision on the Data Journey.

Gerrit Denayer – Regional Marketing Director