Get to know ...

Get to know ...

Is it Batman and Robin?
No it's not, it's the dynamic duo of web and mobile!

Ever wondered how animations are created?
Who's the team behind these animations and what they do during their free time outside of work?
All these questions will be answered in our new get to know your colleague(s) interview.

Eric van Cutsem was our second guest on the 'get to know your colleague(s)' round, and he pointed out the dynamic duo 
Mathieu & Florian as the next colleague(s) to be interviewed.

1. Mathieu and Florian, can you present yourself both inside and outside work?

M: I’m Mathieu. I work in the Web and Mobile section of B&D. I’m a web designer and also lead designer on the storyboards and visuals for the animations that web & mobile produces. Outside, I enjoy watching good movies, playing video games and reading comic books.

F: Hi there! Florian here, motion designer, in charge of animating every piece of vector design that Mathieu creates. I love to make things bounce, explode, shrink, …
It’s like being a mad scientist without risking to make the world collapse. I sometimes help Mathieu in the creation of design content, brainstorming and storyboarding.
Apart from that, I feast with images and sound. Movies, music, concerts, of nearly every kind. I’m also a design enthusiastic person.

2. Eric van Custem designated you as the coolest guys at B&D. Can you explain to us why?

M: I can't talk about myself as the coolest person, but it’s nice to hear from someone else. I think it’s because Florian and I work on animations and everybody likes watching animations. It remembers us our childhood. We try to make all projects dynamic, easy to understand when it’s about sciences and fun to watch.

F: I guess motion design is one of the few new jobs where you can witness and partially understand what’s the role of the employee. You just have to check out our videos.

3. How did you see Business & Decision evolving since you have joined it?

M: I saw the ascension of a new kind of projects: animation projects. My first project was to explain the flu and the importance of a vaccine to the children in a short video. And after that a lot of new projects arrived.

F: I joined B&D because those kinds of animation projects were flourishing, since then I go from one project to another without discontinuing.
Mathieu, Valérie (our project manager) and I, are a very small cell in Web and Mobile. It's difficult for me to see the bigger picture of the B&D evolution.

4. Any plans/challenges for the future?

M: I hope a lot of new animation projects to create.

F: For now, I’ve only worked for two pharmaceutical companies.
I would be really hyped to see my work diversify, using my skills and knowledge to other purposes and other clients.

5. What is one thing we can always knock on your door for?

M: You can knock on my door to ask advice (or to give me some) or just to chat around a cup of coffee.

F: I’m originally a 3D artist, and it’s still one of my passions. If you ever need modelling or 3D architecture, don’t hesitate to ask. Otherwise, I spend all my salary on concert and movies, I’m always happy to talk cinema or music.

6. Who should we interview next month? Why?

M & F: “Pierre-Paul Prevot.”

We work a lot with him, but we don’t know what he’s doing.