Get to know ...

Get to know ...

The gadget man, the geek, but above all somebody with a passion!

Katherine Earnshaw had the opportunity to start with the 'get to know your colleague' round, and she pointed out Eric van Cutsem as the next colleague. She is interested to know a bit more about what he's doing at the innovation lab. Here we go!

My company, Uchrony, specialised in web and mobile development, has been acquired by B&D in 2015. After three years working as practice manager for the Web and Mobile unit at B&D, the management proposes me my dream job: building from scratch the innovation lab for the Belgian office! I directly jumped on the challenge and Synapse (the name of the lab) is born in 2018. A young baby with a strong potential...

Outside of work, my friend and family often called me a "nerd" or a "geek" which is clearly in phase with my current work.;-) For me those words are just a translation of a curious mind in every domain as I am really a multidisciplinary person (I made a master in molecular biology and a master in movies scriptwriting) curious about everything. Lastly, I am also implicated in the mentoring of student entrepreneurs in the Yncubator at Louvain-La-Neuve.

Katherine Earnshaw selected you because she wanted to know more about Synapse, can you explain us?

 Synapse is our innovation lab @B&D Belgium. It is not only a location where people from B&D can come and share new ideas in a nice and fun environment, it is also a way to propose to our prospects and/or customers a methodology, a process to help them to find new solutions to existing problems that don't have a solution yet or a new way to innovate and stay ahead of competitors. We do that mainly by doing co-innovation with them allowing both parties to collaborate on innovative projects.

How did you see Business & Decision evolving over the last years?

 In almost five years now, I have seen B&D quickly evolve, searching the right paradigm in a digital world that constantly changes. And doing so with staying focused on the human side of the company. The complete reorganisation we did last year was clearly a step in the right direction to concretise the collaborative world in which we are all evolving now. I am really interested to participate and to see what we will do next to better accompanying our customers.

Any plans/challenges for the future? 

As far as I am concerned, the main challenges for the future are in two directions. I will try to continue to promote the work of our innovation lab internally as well as externally. In the same time, innovation tribe (where Synapse belongs) will spread the word about the B&D ability to tackle innovative demands from customers and prospects, accompanying them in their path to evolve and to innovate in the right directions for their businesses.

What is one thing we can always knock on your door for?

That's the simplest question one ever asked in my entire life! ;-) if you have new ideas, new trends, new challenges or something you want to create with existing building bricks or with completely new stuff, do not hesitate one second, I am available 365/7/24... Try me and you will see!

Who should we interview next month? Why? 

I will challenge you! You should do a double interview: Mathieu Cloquet and Florian Guillaume. This duo is one of the coolest at B&D. They are doing motion design and animation for our customers but also for internal purpose at B&D. If you see some cool animations signed B&D, it's them!