Do Right

Do Right

The Compliancy Challenge...

As data becomes an increasingly valuable asset and digital business processes gain in importance, organizations need to pay more and more attention to security and access restrictions. We provide the right skills, services and solutions to perform the required assessments, support an efficient security management strategy, and ensure that no one gains unauthorized access to critical information or valuable assets.

Risk Transformation

To accommodate the new regulatory requests and enable transformation projects in the Risk & Finance domain we can provide you with security experts takeling your challenge based on 3 dimensions :

  • Creating Value by improving risk assessments & reducing operational costs.
  • Data sourcing, analytics and IT infrastructure as the key enablers for digital risk management.
  • Organization by means of a robust culture of innovation, a set of processes that enable responses to a fast moving technological and regulatory environment.

B&D has a proven track record in supporting customers, by providing state of the art, business /functional analysis, solution development and delivery management.

Risk Solution (incl. Data Science & Analytics) Implementation

We focus on bringing functional and technical expertise and creating solutions to address risk management challenges mainly in the banking and insurance industry. Typical projects conducted include supporting clients towards building or improving reporting and analysis tools, providing solutions for analytical exploitation of data or performing functional analysis.

We have a unique combination of hands-on skills (programming skills, database structure knowledge) and business knowledge (banking and insurance regulations, risk management and overall business).

Security Assessment

Are you confident that your Information Security Management System (ISMS) is unbreachable? Let us double-check that for you! Based on the ISO 27001 standard of your whole organization or on a specific application domain, our Security Assessment provides you with a comprehensive review. Once your vulnerabilities and security risks are exposed, we draw up our recommendations, including a security maturity ranking and a high-level risk mitigation roadmap, so you can put the appropriate measures in place.

CISO as a Service

Finding senior security profiles can be quite difficult, and for small to medium companies, hiring a full-time Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) often proves financially challenging. However, after a Security Assessment you may find yourself in need of assistance to implement and manage the security measures recommended in your risk mitigation roadmap. Business & Decision offers CISO as a Service, putting skilled security professionals at your service to develop and manage a security management strategy and follow up on risk mitigation initiatives.

IAM Assessment

Sensitive information, critical business processes, key tools … there’s no doubt that some of your organization’s assets need more shielding than others. Your Identity and Access Management (IAM) is supposed to keep those away from prying eyes. But are you sure your IAM is flawless? Based on the ISO 27001 standard, our IAM Assessment offers a thorough review of exactly who gets access to what, giving you insight into your organization’s vulnerabilities and the key risks you’re facing. Recommendations on how to mitigate those risks are included, as well as a high-level IAM implementation project roadmap.

IAM Implementation: Governance Setup

The smart way to establish security best practices and to comply with regulatory bodies, including GDPR, is implementing adequate governance on top of your Identity and Access Management (IAM) system. The implementation of an IAM Governance Setupservice for the daily management of your employees’, partners’ and customers’ identities, as well as their access authorities and restrictions, precedes the technical implementation phase. To ensure the establishment of a good IAM practice, Business & Decision designs an adequate architecture, reviews your Assets & Accesses, defines the Target Operating Model, and analyzes your organization's functions and business roles.

IAM Implementation: Tool Selection

Selecting and implementing an Identity and Access Management (IAM) solution that tightly fits your organization’s needs goes beyond technology. Business & Decision has more than 15 years’ experience in supporting its customers to implement IAM solutions that fit like a glove, from different lead vendors that have achieved worldwide recognition. IAM Tool Selectionis an optional service which includes an end-to-end tool selection process: RFP (including Questionnaire), Proof of Concept with shortlisted candidates, price negotiation and recommendations for final decision.

IAM Implementation: Rollout & Technical Supervision

Defining functional requirements for an Identity and Access Management (IAM) system and supervising the technical integration of an IAM solution requires an expertise that may not be available within your organization. Business & Decision’s IAM Rollout & Technical Supervision service bridges the definition of the Target Operating Model during the Governance Setup phase and the technical implementation of the IAM solution. We provide IAM experts who translate the IAM use cases into functional requirements, supervise the integrator and manage the user migration to the new IAM business role model.