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Do More

The Customer Engagement Challenge:

For this challenge, we will look how we can improve the engagement with the customer or consumer. This can be building and optimizing websites or mobile apps, improving the customer journey, improving the service center operations, implementing or improving CRM systems, managing marketing campaigns or providing insight in your customers’ data and behavior. By generating this insight and deeply understanding the digital customer journey, you will receive ways to acquire new clients using digital touch points and pointers on how to sell more.

CE/CRM Assessment

CRM Implementation for Sales, Marketing & Servicing

Campaign Management Solution Implementation

When a project is delivered for a B&D client, a new chapter begins. As part of the digital transformation strategy, our clients can be assured that their business-critical solutions and applications are maintained effectively and kept up-to-date. When something goes, B&D acts fast to mitigate the issues and provide you with the standard of care that you deserve.

Personalized Omnichannel Engagement Ecosystem Implementation

By contacting your customers and visitors at the right moment with the right offer via the right channel, your personalized actions will gain a higher return on investment. In addition, as the communication is tailored to the persons desires, it will result in a higher-level of satisfaction and strengthen the loyalty of person towards your brand. Our team of digital experts will help you achieve your strategic goals step-by-step. Our competencies are end-to-end.

FAQ Chatbot Implementation

Organizations struggle to optimize their efforts in responding to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) coming from internal or external customers and users. Company FAQ pages are usually seen as a quick and easy solution but they fail to capture the question asked. This results in most answers being too long and not relevant to solve the issue of the user. In addition, having Support Team answering these questions is not cost effective.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) or Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP)-powered chatbots have provided many of Business & Decisions clients with a cost effective and straightforward solution for FAQ.  We guide clients through the entire process: tools or platform selection; implementation; project management and change management; knowledge management and integration to permanently maintain their new virtual employees.

Website, eCommerce & Mobile Apps Implementation

In today's digital challenges, it is not enough to have a digital presence. To generate results and leads, your website or your mobile app must offer an engaging and dynamic user experience. It must meet the accessibility and high performance trends. Even if your website or mobile app offers an attractive design, with an interesting content and an ergonomic carefully studied, your objective is to answer your visitor needs. To convert him into lead and to your future customer. This is what our teams will strive to work with you.

We are committed to help you achieve the best results defined in your business strategy.