Do Better

Do Better

The Operational Efficiency Challenge:

To address this challenge, B&D will look at the company’s environment to evaluate how we can optimize operations, reduce cost by digitalizing processes and use AI to improve performance and quality to achieve operational efficiency.

Information management & Data Roadmap Assessment

Many of Belgium’s biggest companies have trusted Business & Decisions to put data and analytic solutions at the heart of their organization. B&D’s success has been in our dedicated approach and our defined-key accelerators to draft a Data Roadmap unique to that enterprise.

A B&D-Data Roadmap is initiated by conducting a detailed study of data and its use in your organization. It addresses the different information management domains - process and stakeholder governance; data quality requirements and data architecture; master data and metadata management; BI and Analytics – fuelled by use cases.

Start your successful digital journey with B&D’s Data Roadmap. It will identify business goals and potential roadblocks to exploit the richness of your data as well as identify new ones so your business can achieve its objectives.

Data Governance Assessment

Industry & Data Intelligence Tooling, Reporting & Dashboarding

Business & Decision finds more and more organizations overwhelmed by information and data coming from various operational and external systems.

Let your data tell the story. Business & Decision deploys various reporting solutions: from simple-paginated reporting to advanced visual analytics and self-service capabilities to help organizations understand and visualize the wealth of available data which they possess. Our data experts produce straightforward visualization of data to  provide a reliable and comprehensive view for valuable insights and informed decision making.

DG & Data Quality Management Implementation

Data is meaningless without a comprehensive and organization-wide strategy to consistently safeguard data quality. Poor-quality data damages not only analytics but can impact on the effectiveness of overall business processes including inability to identify high-performing customers for marketing efforts, invoicing disorganisation, inaccurate risk assessments and data-privacy violations.

Let B&D help you build trust in your data assets. Business & Decision will help you to define and measure data quality. We deploy a Data Quality Framework to identify and address data quality issues in a 5-step approach: Define, Discover, Qualify, Improve and Control. Next to our structural methodology, Business & Decision proposes a non-invasive and actionable approach founded on use cases which identifies where action is needed to implement controls and metrics to grow and mature in data quality.

Financial Intelligence & CPM

Knowledge Management & Collaboration Solution Implementation

Knowledge Management is about making the right knowledge available to the right people. It is about making sure that an organisation can learn, and that it will be able to retrieve and use its knowledge assets as they are needed. The Internet is a wonderful tool with which to make information accessible and to share it among the geographically dispersed units of an organisation. B&D leverages the power of Office 365 to provide robust solutions that foster knowledge management within an organisation. From the creation of an intranet to the setup of collaborative sites that allow the management of teams and projects, we help connect people and share their knowledge.