Do New

The Innovation Challenge:

B&D helps organizations identify new services and opportunities from their data use. The challenge is tackled by initiating innovation workshops, supported by B&D’s experienced Data Scientists and Data Engineers using state-of-the-art tools and solutions.

Synapse Innovation & Data Lab

Innovation starts at Synapse. It is the place where B&D experts and partners meet to prototype, explore and demonstrate new projects which will lead to new business opportunities. Through Synapse as a brand and as a place, B&D offers to introduce data and digital innovation through brainstorming sessions, data labs, demos and PoCs to customers and prospects alike. We are #Innoits – your innovation companions.

Industrial Internet of Things

Broadly speaking, Internet of Things (IoT) is everything connected to the internet like the smartwatch on your waist, the fitness collar of your dog or a smart fridge. By extension, Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is the application of the internet of things to industrial processes bringing together advanced analytics, machines and humans.

At Business & Decision, we are a hub of IoT expertise and skills providing predictive maintenance, improved monitoring, real-time analytics and asset management. We help our customers to maximize IoT projects by combining traditional data with IoT data, concentrating unique knowledge about big-data, data science, data visualization and data governance to gain new insights and reveal unknown patterns. These insights help drive smarter and faster business decisions for companies. By combining machine-to-machine communication with industrial big data analytics, Industrial IoT is driving unprecedented levels of efficiency, productivity and performance

Cognitive Automation

With organizations under increasing pressure to constantly reduce costs to remain competitive, they are finding new technologies to create efficiencies and lower operational cost. Business & Decision is a leader of one such technology – Cognitive Automation (CA).

Powered by data, CA uses a combination of robotic process automation (RPA) and AI to automate business processes – both rule-based and judgement-based – to perform highly repetitive tasks, streamline customer experience and reduce errors. We offers a unique blend of competencies – Bots, RPA, Digital and AI – to support a complete end-to-end CA implementation to address your real-world challenges and opportunities at any scale.


While Blockchain was introduced to the world in a turbulent manner, the technology has gained maturity and is now finding its way into all industries. Business & Decision believe that Distributed Ledger Technologies and Blockchain is at the forefront of the digital transformation. Using a rational and proven approach, we help our clients understand its impact and potential to develop concrete use cases from PoC for its integration into an optimized-enterprise landscape.

Big Data Solution Implementation

Business & Decision is an early adopter of Big Data & Data Science technologies. Started with datamining and statistical modelling more than 10 years ago in Risk (credit risk modeling) & Marketing (cross-selling pattern, segmentation, churn analysis,…), our organization has naturally embraced these emerging technologies and standards several years ago, becoming the Belgium leader in Big Data and Data Science driven by few dozens of dedicated experts.

Advanced Analytics Delivery

The Data Analytics and Data Visualization teams are focusing on delivering state-of-the-art information management solutions working with the key analytics and data management software vendors. Our consultants are organized in Center of Excellence per technology with the objective to continuously deliver quality benchmarked to industry best practices, frameworks and accelerators.

Data Driven Applications

Process-driven applications are software application driven by a process or workflows. Data-Driven applications are fuelled by data coming from various data sources. The combination of operational and analytical capabilities to automate processes help to solve real-time issues.

Artificial Intelligence (AI), Natural Language Processing (NLP), Chatbots and IoT devices are applications which will enable your business to advance in an increasingly competitive environment. At Business & Decision, we are conceiving applications with “Data & Analytics First” mindset to reinforce combining our core competencies of data, web development, engineering and design so we can help you move forward with innovative new applications to tap into new opportunities and niches