Data Intelligence

Data Intelligence

Described as the fuel of the 21st century, Data is the raw material for applications with high added value, and is giving rise to a new economy. Effective treatment of this raw material creates significant value and a competitive advantage to companies and organizations.

The good news is that this raw material is neither scarce nor exhaustible. Digital transformation, new applications and new digital media such as mobile devices, beacons, IoT enabled devices are creating huge volumes at every moment.

Because of the availability and accessibility of this data, new usage of it is invented every day. Organizations see Data as an asset and an element of structural valuation. They become data-driven and improve the customer experience, aim for operational excellence or create new services with Data. Everybody talks about the “Big Data” revolution, but these two words actually hide many technologies, practices, skills and use cases.

Data Science

Data Science can provide enormous insights for your business from harnessing the power of data. Business & Decision has a large array of advanced mathematical and data-manipulation expertise in-house to help your organization do just this: from prototyping, the development of a minimum viable product (MVP), the continuous development of data science solutions to the latest artificial intelligence; advanced analytics and code-development techniques.

Firstly, our Data Scientists gain an overview of your business needs and challenges. Special attention is given to automation, future-proofing the solution and collaboration with stakeholders – engineers, architects and end users – to ensure the implemented solution is optimized for your specific requirements. Working in an Agile method to deliver projects, our data scientists can increase an organization's revenue and reduce waste to gain the competitive edge in your market or industry.

Analytics & Visualisation

Business & Decision is focused on delivering state-of-the-art reporting and business analytics solutions. To achieve this, we trust several strategic partners in the industry including Microsoft Power BI, Tableau, Qlik and more and others to provide you with the best fitting analytical and visualization solution to meet your requirements.

The human brain is great at discerning  trends and patterns in visual information so instead of presenting data to the user in a mostly numeric and tabular format, our consultants aim to present the user interactive and visually immersive reports. Using a combination of charts, gauges, maps, illustrated by colours and interactive filters, you derive insights from data at a glance! The end goal here is leading to be better and more informed to help you to take decisions which increase the performance of the business.

Data Engineering & Architecture

By setting-up data analytics systems for our clients, we transform raw data into meaningful information, helping the decision processes. Widely experimented, our data experts will accompany you in the success of your projects by providing reliable deliveries using proven-methodologies and market leading technologies. Our data architects are able to design scalable & multi-purpose data architectures while our data engineers are capable of implementing end-to-end projects from data platform setup to data pipeline developments on all major Cloud platforms as well as on-premise.