Business Consulting

Business Consulting

In today’s time, data is considered as the new gold.

Digital oriented companies flourish on the market. In order to grow it is important to optimally use all data available throughout the company and to enrich where needed. This of course while keeping in mind legal as well as practical constraints as well as the sensitivity related to customer data.

The team of business consulting will help our customers in defining as well as reaching their ambitions. The different business units support you with their extensive knowledge and expertise and are capable of building the bridge between the business and the IT departments

Project Management

Delivering is a Business & Decision fundamental benchmark. Our experienced PMs are your partners for ensuring everything runs smoothly. By applying industry best practices and latest methodologies from Agile to Waterfall, they are industrial magicians who translate your requirements into a realistic and feasible plan to deliver quality and an on-time and on-budget project.

Security Governance & Data Protection

Do your customers trust your brand with their data? Business & Decision bridges the gap between Business and IT: blending security consulting with legal expertise, business process modelling and data science. With B&D experts, you will comply with the latest regulatory requirements, have up-to-date security intelligence and risk transparency to take better business decisions. Sound information management (including security information) are embedded into everyday processes at all levels of your enterprise to improve your risk-rating and help you gain your customer’s confidence building trust for a long and prosperous relationship.

Risk & Finance

Business & Decision provides risk and financial services to growing companies in many industries to guarantee operational efficiency. Thanks to end-to-end data management, B&D offers a value-based proposition through financial modelling as well as implement internal and external risk management solutions and conduct change management projects. Our expert team are trained, skilled and experts in Credit risk, Market risk, Fraud risk, Asset and Liability Management (ALM), Counterparty risk, reporting and visualization. With B&D risk and financial consultants, you know that you are in safe hands.

Customer engagement

Your customers are everywhere. They expect to have direct access to your products and services at any time and on various channels.  For every interaction your customer has, they expect you to provide them with a personalized and relevant experience. Business & Decision brings a multitude of omnichannel solutions to achieve this need. By harvesting your customers’ data and interactions, B&D experts help you to define a digital-personalized marketing environment tailored to your customer’s individual needs. Implementing a B&D-omnichannel ecosystem helps you to meet your objectives and optimize your digital marketing for maximum return on investment.

Business Process Solutions

In this era of digital transformation, you are faced with many challenges as you try to deliver the best products and services to your customers. Business & Decision understands that the need to constantly optimize your entire business process, while at the same time, keeping a cool head and not losing sight of the company’s needs and priorities, can be tiring and difficult. Equipped with highly qualified and well-trained B&D consultants, the Business Process Solutions team aims at helping companies to fully leverage digital solutions and business processes.