To transform into a customer-facing business, tap into the ecosystem.

At Business & Decision, we know how to help businesses to work more efficiently, and to become more customer-focused.
Your existing systems can be both integrated with, or migrated to, the platform.
From that point on, it will simply be a choice of how far you want to optimize your processes.

    • Make your company visible to a broader audience by dealing with social media in a structured way.
    • Kickstart your sales process by making it very visual and simple. Use a simple “next step” approach and supply customized help texts, depending on the kind of deal your sales rep is working on.
    • Predict the behavior of your customers, and act proactively. Everything from service alerts to automated loyalty and compensation deals.
    • Automate your marketing processes. Determine your next offer. Get to know your customers. Use all available channels.
    • Simplify the life of your sales team by making them fully mobile on tablets & smartphones.
    • Prevent customer frustration by offering multi-channel support. Some customers might prefer to call, but some expect a direct answer via your Twitter, for example. Why not serve both?

And that’s just a handful of our use-cases.

If you want to know how to do this, and what else is possible?

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