Customer Solutions

With experience in several technologies, both technology-specific and technology-crossing, can offer rich solutions. A short overview of these "ready to be implemented" solutions are the following:

Plugin CRM and SharePoint
(incl. metadata)

Do you already have a Dynamics CRM and a SharePoint environment, but there is no connection between them? We developed a plugin to connect your CRM and SharePoint in a simple and quick way.

Via this connection, you will be able to fully take advantage of SharePoint, and make navigation and search easier by linking documents to an entity in your CRM.

Furthermore, metadata will be automatically synchronized when creating a new element in the CRM or when adding a document from both CRM or SharePoint

The plugin is represented by the following image on the right side.

CRM - Button control

The Button Control solution in CRM offers the possibility to add a button control on a form. Customization is possible for the title, width, height, style, etc. The following image represents the different styles of the buttons possible:

CRM - Telephone control

The Telephone Control solution enables you to verify whether the correct phone number format is entered and provides more information about the phone number's country of origin. As displayed on the print screen, a distinction can be made between several phone numbers as well as mobile numbers or fax numbers. The countries of origin can be different.

Find out how the telephone control works in 1 minute by clicking play on the video below

CRM - Photo album in 3D

With this solution, any company that sells products or services is able to display a list of photos in 3D. This enables the possibility to for example set up a product catalog in 3D in your CRM. Tablets, phones and other touch screen devices are also supported by this solution.

Find out more about this CRM solution in the video below.

 CRM - Cleaning of addresses 

 This custom made solution can be used to standardize Belgian addresses in Dynamics 365. 
 The solution is based on the Road65 tool from Bisnode.

SharePoint - Branding

Dreaming about a SharePoint that is customized to the house-style of your company? We can personalize the design and branding of your SharePoint! First, wireframes will be created to define the overall navigation, layout and user experience. Then, colors and designs will be added to the wireframe to provide you an example of how your branded SharePoint will look like.

At Business & Decision, we branded our own intranet solution following the company colors and house-style.

SharePoint - Retrieve data from Delve

Did you know it is possible to retrieve data from Delve to another place in your SharePoint? We developed a custom solution for the retrieval of data from Delve. One of these solutions includes a "Happy Birthday" web part you can place on your homepage, in order to have an overview of all the birthdays of the colleagues in your company.

SharePoint - Automation of business processes

Do you still have to submit a travel or training request by paper or mail? Or are you only able to request new business cards by passing by the reception? These and many other business processes which are currently executed manually in your company can be transformed into an automated business process on your intranet or extranet. The workflows can be set-up via several tools such as Nintex, SharePoint Designer, SharePoint workflow, etc.

SharePoint - Automatic creation of sites

Does your company work together in multiple teams and projects on a frequently basis? And are you tired of always creating the same template over and over again? In order to reduce the reproduction of this site template, we developed an automatic creation of sites in SharePoint. By this means, the creation and management of a team or project sites becomes very easy and straightforward:

  • First click on a button "Create new project site" or "Create new team site"
  • Complete the form that pops up
  • The team or project site will be automatically created
  • Go to the team or project site and start collaboration!


Inaccurate contact data can be harmful to an organization and may cost your company millions of dollars each year. However, attention for data quality is an every day job and requires a lot of time. Therefore, Business & Decision has developed a data hub solution which enables companies to improve data quality in an easy way. The customer data hub is not a software, out of the box solution or development platform, but it's an accelerator for your MDM project with lots of best practices, functions, procedures, referential data and a full functional standard B2B/B2C model with open source code.





Features of the solution include:

Data integration:

  • Integrates almost all data formats
  • Incremental and/or full loads
  • Default integration tool is "Microsoft SSIS"
  • Open to other ETL tools (e.g. company standards)

Data cleansing:

  • Correction (e.g. address correction and validation)
  • Standardization and Homogenization (e.g. phone numbers, email, etc.)
  • Enrichment (e.g. quality codes, street and city ID's, IBAN's, etc.)


  • Based on clean data, which results in better performance
  • Configurable business rules
  • Automatic or manual deduplication
  • Generation of deduplication keys

Golden copy:

  • Best of record for each customer or company
  • Normalized data model
  • History of data sources
  • Data quality flags and status