Empowers individuals, teams and organizations to intelligently discover, share and collaborate on content from anywhere and on any device.

Intranet solutions

An intranet is only accessible for the members of your organizations. It can be seen as an internal collaborative platform which enables:

  • Information sharing
  • Collaboration
  • Document management
  • Business process automation
  • Easy navigation
  • Advanced search functionalities
  • Archiving
  • Availability via mobile devices
  • Profound security
  • And much more...

Since SharePoint Online is a part of Office 365, your internal collaborative platform will furthermore be integrated with all Office 365 features (e.g. Outlook, Skype for Business, Delve, Planner, etc.)

Extranet solutions

An extranet is used by third parties and partners outside your organization. The goal is to improve the collaboration on specific projects or data that is exposed to these external collaborators.

The strength of an extranet implies:

  • Easy sharing of content and information between you and your customer / partner / other third party
  • Collaboration on documents or projects for everyone and anywhere
  • Advanced search function to find people, information and documents
  • Access via your mobile devices
  • And much more...

Again, the advantage of SharePoint Online, as part of Office 365, implies that tools such as the Office Package, Outlook and Skype for Business can be integrated in your extranet solutions, which will make communication and collaboration even easier.


In cooperation with Web & Mobile (as part of Business & Decision,  Web & Mobile is specialized in design and branding of intranets / websites based on the newest technologies), the Business Process  Solutions team is able to provide a custom-designed intranet and extranet solution.

This allows your company's collaborative platform to:

  • Represent your company's house-style in your collaborative platform
  • Add flexibility in the display of certain buttons, texts, links, etc. in your SharePoint
  • Create an attractive, interactive and fun lay-out for your employees / third parties, which will trigger collaboration and information sharing 

Interested in seeing some examples or to know the exact process? Don't hesitate to contact us.

Advantages of SharePoint

SharePoint enables organizations to collaborate with both internal employees and external partners. The main advantages of SharePoint Online include:

  • Access anywhere: You need to stay productive wherever life takes you, and now you can with the new SharePoint app. It is like having your company's intranet in your pocket, giving you the access to your team and organizational resources needed to get work done.

  • Seamless collaboration: Today's SharePoint team site is your team's content hub. It is where everyone you work with, both inside and outside your organization, comes together in real time to get work done, creating and sharing content using the same familiar Microsoft Office tools you use everyday.

  • Intelligence and insights: Start your day at SharePoint Home, where you can see - at a glance - activity across all your sites and groups. Collaborate on the intranet in your team sites and stay up to date with "who's who" and "what's new", with views of your team site home page and in document libraries. Connect to expertise, content and people and spend less time searching for files - because with intelligent recommendations - files will find you.

  • Security and Compliance: Today, more than ever, enterprises need a scalable solution that meets security and compliance requirements while ensuring that unified policies are applied across every workload and every device. SharePoint offers best-in-class security, with more than a decade of experience building enterprise software and online services. End users get the productivity they are asking for, whilst the IT department gets the cloud security and compliance requirements they require.

SharePoint infrastructure

It is possible to set up a SharePoint environment in two different ways, namely on an on-premises server or in the cloud.

SharePoint Online
With Office 365, SharePoint Online offers enhanced security technologies,
is easy to manage and can be accessed  from almost anywhere

SharePoint Server
Modernize your on-premises infrastructure with SharePoint Server 2016, improving performance, 
reliability and scale while providing a foundation for the future innovation.