Have you already heard about RoomMe? 

In February 2018 Business & Decision won the GSK Hackathon, where we presented RoomMe.
It's an easy-to-use, intelligent chat app that will meet you in no time! 

You need a meeting room for 5 people right
now… But you can’t find any?

Then RoomMe might be a great solution for your business RoomMe is an easy to use, intelligent chat app, that finds you an available meeting room in no-time, Use RoomMe and you will never experience an empty booked meeting room again

All it needs is your input, input such as:

  • How many people
  • How long do you need the meeting room
  • Do you need a projector or video conference system

Sensors & Geolocation 
RoomMe uses sensors and geolocation to identify where the closest available meeting room is located 

Mobile & Desktop
RoomMe is available in desktop version and mobile version