Data Science in motion

However, it is irrelevant, But data science is not optional to stay competitive, the data lab is a dedicated development environment, within your current technology infrastructure or on the infrastructure of a third party. A data lab seeks answers to questions by generating new insights and understand the service impact from data that is already collected.

The data in a DataLab can come from different sources that can be:

  • Bank customer & loan application database, with VAT number and credit risk related information, in particular historical defaults, and bankruptcies or provided amounts.
  • Insurance customer database with any information that can be shared, whatever the aggregation level is: products possession, payment historic, incidents…
  • External data, for instance Balance Sheets (available via BNB or data provider) or bankruptcies & ONSS payment information

The Data Lab aims at:

  • Delivering a “Quick Win” POC to demonstrate the value of data from both an IT and business perspective for deeper customer insight and risk related decisions.
  • Taking informed decision about investment in additional data feed & insight industrialization, in a Bank environment.
  • If needed, developing future-proof architecture recommendations, combining all type of data (unstructured, structured, external,…).
  •  Helping Banks to take advantage of the business growth opportunities from better use of data.

  • Our Mission
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