Security & Data Protection

Security & Data Protection

Business drivers for security: comply with regulatory requirements, improve security intelligence and increase risk transparency to make advised business decisions… 

Security is about more than balancing risk and reward. It goes beyond regulatory compliance. It is about embedding sound information management (including security information) into everyday processes at all levels of your enterprise, improve your risk rating and help you gain / keep your client’s trust.  Business & Decision blends security consulting with legal expertise, business process modeling & data science skills ,  bridging the gap between business and IT. 

Consequences of insufficient information security risk management

  • Damaged brand reputation—as well as lost customers—when a sensitive data breach is exposed.
  • Loss of revenue and competitive position when intellectual property, proprietary research, designs, formulas, or software are stolen.
  • Issuance of regulatory fines for insider trading or noncompliant use of customer data.
  • Legal repercussions when confidentially / data protection agreements are broken.
  • Increased security risk when knowledge of an enterprise’s business practices, systems and databases are known.
  • Loss of critical and high-value personnel when salaries, perks, or employment contract details are shared.

Business & Decision's Cyber ​​Security Service Portfolio

  1. Governance and Data Protection 
          (CRM, Security and Risk Management)

  2. Identity & Access Management
          (IAM, IGA and IDaaS)

  3. Security Operations
         (SIEM, Fraud Management, DRP, BCP)

  4. Software Development Security

  5. Security Architecture & Engineering
          (security models, vulnerabilities, crypto)

  6. Security Assessment and Testing  
          (includes communications and network security)


Business & Decision's Security and Data Protection Delivery modes

Staffing - Time & Material
Acquiring the support of one or more of our security and data protection professionals:

  • Junior, Intermediate, Senior Security and Data Protection consultants & subject matter experts
  • Short & long term assignments

Project – Fixed Price
Performing the agreed packaged services in fixed price. Custom deliverables can also be delivered in packaged mode upon certain conditions to be analyzed on case-by-case basis.

Project – Time & Material
Tailoring the services of B&D Security & Data protection consultants to your needs, delivered in project mode.

Examples of our packaged Security & Data Protection services

Light Security Assessment Pack
High-level Security Maturity Assessment against ISO 27k standards & regulatory requirements applicable in your country (ex: GDPR, PSD2)

Security Impact Assessment Pack
In-depth Security Impact Assessment and action plan to counter discovered vulnerabilities and weaknesses (IAM, Fraud, …)

Data Protection Compliance Pack
Building a comprehensive framework for compliance with GDPR and regulations applicable within customer’s country (incl. DPIA)

Security and Data Protection Governance Deployment Pack
Help customers in the deployment of a mature security and/or data protection governance (contracts, policies, processes, organisation, infrastructure, techno.)

IAM Study and Tool Selection Pack
In-depth analysis of the functional and non-functional Identity and Access Management requirements answering customers’ needs followed by a tool selection process (incl. POC)