Data Governance

Data Governance

As business are growing through expansion or companies buyout, the amount and the versatility of data to gather and manage become more and more complicated every day. Business required a combination of quality data to take key decisions. To answer this matter, Business & Decision has created a strong expertise & various accelerators in the Data Governance landscape, based on a range of tools and process to plan, supervise and control over data management and its use. 

  • Business Data Stewardship & Governance : Roles and responsabilities, Standards, Principles, Working model

  • Data Quality : Business rules, Process, Controls, Dimensions

  • Data Integration : Customer Master Data, Management, Product Master, Reference lists

  • Enterprise language : Business semantics, Technical semantics, Data domains, Data models, Enterprise Data Model

  • Cultural & Organizational change leadership

  • Security and Privacy : GDPR Regulations