Chatbots & Virtual Assistants

Chatbots and Conversational UI's are here to stay. 

In many domains, Chatbots will be an other interface that enables users to interact with enterprise applications. Wether it will be for getting travel directions, finding responses in FAQ's, getting help in completing tasks,  booking a flight, or logging a new opportunity into a CRM system, there is a huge market and opportunity for Chatbots. Using conversational interfaces and chatbots will speed up tasks, lower complexity and facilitate guidance to any users.  It has the capability of freeing up time from your employees, being available 24/7 and  taking care tasks to optimisation of your staff.

Today we see chatbot being deployed predominantly in Customer support and Employee support, but this is just a beginning.  Soon chatbots and conversational interfaces will be part of any type of application that will be rolles out.

Business&Decision is very active in this domain, with many projects ranging from assessments, project management, vendor selection to implementation.