Performance management

Performance management

Your performance at Business & Decision will be evaluated in an ongoing process characterized by the values we believe in; it’s focused on mentoring & coaching with an entrepreneurial flavor where manager – consultant proximity stays central. You will receive feedback from your manager on a regular basis in one to one meetings where you are able to discuss your personal development, these discussions are bundled in a more formal evaluation once a year. It is a key moment for the consultant and the management to take the time to discuss about the work done the past year: the success stories and the tasks/aptitudes asking support and/or development. And an ideal moment to look forward: The workload, tasks and objectives foreseen for the next year and the link with the career interests, the current situation: missions & clients and the career development support.

Performance Management

  • 1. Auto Evaluation

    The consultant auto-evaluates his/her work in comparison with set of competencies proposed in the competence matrix.

  • 2. Career interests

    In this section, the consultant is invited to explain his/her mission, which are his/her interests and motivation for the next year.

  • 3. Management feedback

    The auto-evaluation of the competencies will receive a final score from the manager/evaluator and will be communicated to the consultant during the review.

  • 4. The Career Development Passport (CDP)

    The CDP summarizes the decisions and commitments the consultant and the manager/evaluator have taken together during the review process. They will be translated in Personal Development Objectives (PDO).