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Bernard Lins

what I like about our company is that you’re not blocked in one role, there are many opportunities in terms of evolution, career tracks, etc. I am the perfect example of this: I applied at Business & Decision in business intelligence, now I’m a practice manager in CRM.

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Anne-Sophie Deweys

every day, I have an excellent reason to think that I’m working with amazing people (colleagues and customers) and that I’m proud of them. And, as great people attract great people, this is a non-ending story! This is a nice place to work where challenges are not limited but where our limits are challenged in a fully respected way.  We have the freedom to experiment, to propose, to create, to succeed and even to fail. 

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Christophe Bonnart

Business & Decision is an incredible set of talents, bringing fresh ideas & innovation to customers, in an agile fashion. Everyday, new initiatives are popping-up in artificial intelligence, data science, data governance, digital, dataviz & analytics,… you name it. I go every morning to work with a large smile, knowing that it be will another full day of surprises & exciting discoveries