The knowledge and the Journeys

In our post digital world, the power balance has shifted from organizations to individuals. This statement is true whether the individual is a customer, an employee or a citizen. Formerly, individuals were forced to follow rules, processes and customer paths imposed by organizations structured in silos. Today, the individual has regained power and is happy to find his own way about how he interacts with companies.

Every day he invents new use cases, expresses himself more freely, far away from established rules. He assembles the tools and processes that are offered to create his own experience and his own journey. As a customer, he imposes his opinions and values, ​​and obliges brands to adapt and renew themselves permanently: in their products, in their branding and in how they match the customers' journey.

We have entered the age of personalization, dialogue and client intimacy. To do this, companies must constantly refine their customer knowledge, and deduce more practical, relevant, attractive and seducing trajectories out of it.

B&D has a complete set of competencies to assist organizations in their necessary transformation.

  • Customer Engagement
    • Organizations have understood that working on customer loyalty has become crucial nowadays. It is important to offer a consistent and smooth customer journey across different channels.
    • We have substantial experience with different customer engagement platforms, as well as with best of breed solutions. We have also learnt how to combine and integrate solutions into an overall architecture. 
    • Customer data expertise is crucial for a personalized and fitting customer journey, and monitoring & measurement is necessary for continuous optimization.
  • Process Solutions
    • Enabling organizations to adapt to their customers in (near) real-time, requires internal processes to be very agile.
    • We acknowledge this, and have experience in CRM and collaborative solutions to support this.
  • Web & Mobile
    • Our digital capabilities include web & mobile design and development expertise, to create communication platforms between our clients and their stakeholders (employees, customers, others).
    • Our designers often work in team with our Customer Engagement and Process Solutions team, to foster customer journey consistency.
  • Security & Data Protection
    • The available data on customers, their profile and their online and offline behavior has exploded over the past years. This creates a lot of opportunities to better address the customers’ needs and expectations. It also increases the importance of topics like Identity and Access Management and Data Privacy.
    • B&D has a long track record in the domain of Identity and Access Management. This is a relevant topic both for internal and external stakeholders of any organization.
    • Companies must consider data privacy sensibilities as well as regulations. B&D has specialists in this domain (including GDPR regulation).
  • AI & Robotics
    • As an innovative company, we are constantly looking at technology evolutions that create new opportunities for our clients. In the domains we are active in, we see a lot of new automation options.
    • In the Customer Engagement domain, we are active on projects with chat bot technology. This enables organizations to extend their support timeframe, to enhance the quality and consistency of the answers, and to reduce costs.
    • In the Process Solutions domain, important efficiency gains are becoming available through Robotics Process Automation.
    • Our Web & Mobile team applies artificial intelligence using algorithms to identify, categorize and prioritize security threats.
  • Service Center
    • At B&D, we attach a high value to our own customer intimacy. We want to build long-term partnerships with our customers, in all phases of their business projects.
    • In this perspective, our service center tackles corrective and evolutive maintenance, assistance and training, and even operations (e.g. execution of marketing actions, audience selections, …).

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