Data is key in any enterprise. The usage of digital devices and channel, causes an immense growth of data volumes and data silo's.

Mobile Device, IoT, M2M, Social Networks, ... They all make enterprises connected 24/7 to their customers, partners, suppliers, coworker and systems. Business processes and customer experience are challenged permanently. Only agile companies, adapting new technologies, will survive this era, and be able to grow their business.
"change is the only constant"

Omnipresent digital technologies, tools and platforms are adapted by everyone, and impacts how enterprises operate.

Personal digital devices are more powerful than those at work.  Employees use these personal devices during and outside business hours for professional reasons, this causes management, compliancy and security issues, and imposes a cultural change within the enterprise... on this is eminent :
Data is the core of the enterprise.

The wealth of data opens a new world to explore. 

In many cases, the data generated on digital channels, is complex, volatile, incomplete, inconsistent and error prone.  If this data is not managed correctly, enterprises will be submerged, making it unusable.
Data is the core of the enterprise, but imposes good management and governance.

Business & Decision,<br>Data experts since 1992

Business & Decision,
Data experts since 1992

  • € 218.4 m 2018 Revenue
  • 11 Countries in the world
  • 2400 Employees

25 years of history

  • 1992

    Business & Decision was founded by Patrick Bensabat

  • 2001

    FLUX Consulting (Belgium) is acquired by Business&Decision Group

  • 2004

    Business&Decision Netherlands was founded

  • 2005

    Business&Decision Luxemburg is founded

  • 2014

    Business&Decision Aquires Uchrony, now Web&Mobile Division

  • 2018

    Business & Decision is a subsidiary of Orange group


Our Values

Business & Decision was founded with the ambition to create a human-centric, agile, Innovative and collaborative organisation, giving place to individual initiative and creativity, and putting accent on RESPECT, EXCELLENCE and HUMILITY, which are the core values of B&D group.

This ambition is a necessary condition to create an agile, adaptable and performant organisation, where every person is concerned to create added value to our clients. Our pride is to be a diversity-rich and tolerant organisation, taking advantage of people’s strengths, and collaboratively mitigate the weak points.

Our professional life should be exciting and pleasant, and B&D people are passionate about their work, so we add “FUN” to core values of the organisation.


By creating Business & Decision, I wanted to build a workplace where people could feel good and enjoy their job. Looking at the professional and human qualities of our employees, I'm convinced we are succeeding in that goal. Our future will always depend on the values of people who join us.

Patrick Bensabat - Founder, Business & Decision

Benelux Management

  • Regional Director and Managing Director Business & Decision Benelux
    Ada Sekirin
  • Country Manager Luxembourg
    Pierre Dauffenbach
  • Country Manager Netherlands
    Robert Dortmans
  • Country Manager Belgium
    Christophe Bonnart
  • Sales Director
    Luc Verschaffel
  • Chief Financial Officer
    Emmanuel Steels
  • HR Director
    Steven op 't Roodt
  • Regional Marketing Director
    Gerrit Denayer