Time to FOCUS - our new ERP!

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Dear all,

First of all our best wishes for 2015!

Every new year brings some new beginnings and opportunities. In November, we already communicated that there will be a new ERP system, FOCUS, that has been launched successfully on the 1st of January!

FOCUS will replace the old timesheet application and allows you to request holidays, enter expense sheets and register your time in a more efficient way.

We want to make this transition as smoothly as possible for you and therefore you are all scheduled for a 1-hour training session to guide you through this new ERP.

Since this is an important step in the process, this training is mandatory for all employees and freelancers.


You will be invited by Kim Deconynck (trainer) who will send you a meeting request with all the details.

During the training:

-          You will receive your login, url and all required guidelines

-          Breakfast / lunch / dinner will be provided


Important note: FOCUS will replace the current Timesheet Application and the expense process.

All timesheets and expenses for January 2015 not registered in FOCUS, will not be valid and thus not taken into account.

What will change for you?



swiss knifeYour administration will be less time-consuming and more efficient since all is included in only 1 web-based tool:

-      Your holidays/absence requests and approvals will be easier to manage and will be automatically uploaded into your timesheet

-      You will be able to consult  your holiday counter anytime

-      Project codes are automatically allocated to your account when you are assigned to a project

-      You get a complete overview of all your expenses & training requests; and you will be able to track their status

-      Project managers and Sales can manage their projects more effectively (allocate resources, create activities, define deadlines and workload, budget estimations, create invoicing schedules, treat change requests, create contract extensions, forecasting).


In case you have some questions, don’t hesitate to contact our project manager Kim Deconynck .