BI Strategy & roadmap

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Maturity Assessment & Roadmap

Enterprise Information Management (EIM) programs like Data Governance or Master Data Management are long term efforts that require climbing the maturity ladder step by step. In order to succeed you will have to first assess your level of maturity and adopt an approach in which you gradually move to the target vision without forgetting to bring short-term added value. The EIM roadmap service is there to help you asking yourself the right questions, determine your target vision, evaluate your level of maturity and build your roadmap for success.


BI Readiness Assessment

Studies clearly demonstrated the evolution of BI usage in the enterprises. BI becomes an integral part of the attempt to build more agile enterprises. Your company is aware of it and wants to start a BI program. Sounds good! But where are you now? Are you sure of the business needs? To what extend will it influence the current organization & methodology? The Business & Decision BI readiness assessment will help you elaborating the program that is right for you.