Business Intelligence Competence Center

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BICC Executive Summary

For BI to really deliver the promised value, mangers need to adopt a solid BI vision and strategy, reconnecting BI with the business realities. The BICC (Business Intelligence Competency Centre) executive workshop aims at helping managers both from business & IT how a BICC can increase the ROI of BI by promoting and driving a comprehensive information delivery strategy, bringing BI closer to the business and combining business, analytic and IT skills.

BICC Implementation

Respecting your specificities but applying best practices, Business & Decision can help you designing, assembling and launching your BI Competency Centre. The BICC mandate is the following:  "Keep control over BI activities enterprise-wide! Align it with corporate goals and link it to business processes".


BICC Outsourcing

Business & Decision's outsourcing business intelligence (BI) solutions enable its clients to concentrate more on their strategic initiatives with the added benefit of saving money in the process. We bring actionable intelligence to our clients' business strategies and operations through outsourcing best practice data warehouse integration, analytics, and performance management services. Our outsourcing solutions offer the following benefits to our clients: Quality, Time & Cost.


BICC Interim Operations/ Management

By applying our Best Practices in your context, we will rapidly setup your BICC, creating immediate benefit while managing carefully the costs and gradually transferring our knowledge to internal resources.


Departmental SAS usage Optimization

Business users have been developing BI solutions using SAS for years, creating silos, redundancy, etc. In the current context, Business & Decision proposes to help you optimize your usage of SAS with usage diagnostic, recommendations for cost reduction and productivity increase, roadmap.