Data Quality

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Data Quality Management Process

Even if departments or projects are often well aware of the importance of data quality in the success of their initiative, they frequently overrun their budgets, get delayed or even sometimes, get cancelled. The main reason for this is that people don't really know the techniques, processes and tools associated to Data Quality and envisage Data Quality management in a very "naive" way. At the opposite, DQ has to be managed as a specific work stream and with the needed techniques, tools and experts. With its data quality wheel, Business & Decision can help you structuring your approach.

Data Quality Audit

Poor data quality can have dramatic impact on the business. When being in front of a data quality problem, business people first want to stop the hemorrhage. And they are right! But the answer cannot be only data cleansing or it will be a never ending story. The Business & Decision Data Quality Audit helps you evaluate and improve the situation at short term but not only. Once the situation under control, it gives you the keys in order to stabilize the situation at long term by defining a data quality management process, establishing a root cause philosophy, determine the right technological answer, etc. In other words lay the foundations of information as a corporate asset.