Master Data Management

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Master Data Management (MDM) provides new weapons to deal with the problem of having one view on your data, through the establishment of a shared service to the various entities, by one enterprise application and information system.


The BRM (Business Rules Management), meanwhile, references and manages the business rules governing data and processes transversely in the information system.


Advantages of Master Data Management are multiple:

  • Value creation, competitive advantage, responsiveness to market an offer, quality of customer service.
  • Consolidation and sharing repositories, allowing an overall reduction of costs.
  • Anticipation of non-quality of data through ownership by users and common vocabulary.

Why B&D?

For several years, Business & Decision has developed expertise in terms of information management: building data warehouses, managing metadata, improving data quality, etc.

The advent of the Master Data Management market has enabled the EIM practice an opportunity to refine this expertise. Partnered with major market players, whether generalists (IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, SAP) or specialists (SAS / Dataflux, Orchestra Networks ...), Business & Decision assists you in deploying successfully your MDM projects.

By adapting these tools and concepts to the specifics of each business preoccupations (analytical, transactional, supplier, customer, product, organization ...), Business & Decision is the partner of choice to enable you to put MDM in the service of your business issues.

Business & Decision also has unique expertise in the implementation of data governance program.