Regulatory Reporting and Capital Management

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Based on their solid international experience in such projects, Business & Decision's consultants assist banking organisms and insurance companies comply to the regulatory directives.
Discover our expert consulting services around regulatory capital and compliance:

Regulatory Reporting and Capital Management

Banking Regulations       Insurance Regulations

The Business & Decision Risk Management team has worked extensively on Capital Assessment projects, especially on the Basel II Pillar 1. We have successfully completed projects at more than 30 reference customers in Europe and beyond.

Summary of our interventions cover all aspects of regulatory reporting and capital assessment: 

  • Risk Strategy and Business Model: Assess the integration of risk appetite in management processes (e.g. medium term planning) and related governance  and align risk culture to business model
  • Risk Calculation: Review and integrate calculation models and tools for the production of regulatory indicators and aggregations:
    • Standardize and secure calculation process (regulatory and economic capital)
    • Assess consistency / exhaustiveness of indicators and adequacy of measurement & monitoring tools (including scenario & stress testing
  • Governance and Risk Controls: Strengthen risk management (finance and risk function) by documenting, formalizing and automating the current approach and processes
  • Data Governance & Data Quality: Deploy a comprehensive information management platform, to absorb present and future data needs in terms of business and legal reporting and analysis; revisit data quality and governance processes to ensure a scalable data platform with the required level of granularity and quality.
  • Change & Project Management: Control evolving business requirements and change requests function of budget, scope and end user requirements
  • Audit & Control:Adapt permanent control to cover all risks of the entity by implementing (group) standards across business units
    • Align compliance and internal audit functions to regulatory requirements
    • Upgrade the internal control system, as a basis for the non financial risks assessment
  • Reporting Communication: Design a reporting methodology and a consistent and optimized information flow including the new rules, especially the production of prudential returns and internal reports in a self-service architecture across business units.
  • Business Process Re-Engineering


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